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Freeman Aries Limited is a business innovations development, projects management, investments, sales support, communication and information anaylysis company.


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Freeman Aries Limited

A Dedicated Business Innovations Development, Projects Management, Investments, Sales Support, Communication And Information Anaylysis Company.

Ayodele-Peters, C.
Practice research. Projects analysis. Strategic planning.


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Digital Consulting

We analyse your digital and automation systems and profer solutions that work best to enhance your operations and productivity

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Human Resource

We have human capital development & recruitment programs that help career focused individual work as fit for corporate entities

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Content Creation

We create, write, develop and edit content for on business and projects literature for good media, publicity & presentations

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Sales & Publicity

We manage sales and marketing concepts both at corporate and agency levels to drive sales of your various brands and identies

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Our mission is to create global brand strategies

We have special interest and efficiency in the following industries:

Information Technology 76%
Transport & Logistics 70%
Media & Communication 72%
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